Community Quilts

We make quilts to be given as gifts to members of our guild community – to show our support in hard times, and to celebrate life events.

The quilt blocks are prepared in advance and are kept ‘on hold’ until a gift quilt is needed. Our gift quilts are prepared on a rolling basis; when one quilt is finished and given away, a new quilt is started.

Here are the quilts we’re currently working on:

Quilt Type: Design: Current Status: Coordinator
Adult – Lady ‘Green & Pink Petals’ Completed & ready to be gifted. Naomi M.
Adult – Lady ‘Garden’ We’re still collecting blocks. Click here for details. Sandi K.
Adult – Gent ‘Man Blocks’ One quilt is completed and is ready to be gifted. A second quilt top has been pieced and is ready to be quilted. Ellen F.